Music & Videoing

Riding to Music

Music is, after horses, my second love. I studied music at school and still sing in a choir. It’s an interest that has seeped nicely into my riding and I’ve choreographed the quadrille for Olympia three times and been on the team twice. In 2011 I choreographed the winning Pony Club Musical Ride for the Royal Show. This wan’t just a musical challenge but a logistical one too… You can only imagine what it is to arrange ten teenagers, dressed as anything from giraffes to zebras, whilst mounted on their beloved ponies!

Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just for people that want to take part competitively in dressage to music. It’s great for everyone.

Riding to music is both fun and beneficial. It can help you get a better feel for your horse’s rhythm in all the paces and often encourages the rider to relax which nearly always improves the horses way of going.

If this is of interest, then I have an extensive music library and will work with you to find the best music for you and your horse. We can work out a floor plan too and then if you do get bitten by the bug, you can always give it a shot at a competition.

Video and Photography

There’s a lot of truth in the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and using a camera and / or video in your lessons can be an invaluable tool.

It’s also a lovely way to record progress and recall favourite moments with your horse.

If you’d like me to do this as part of your lesson, please ask.