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Friday 15th July 2016                                                                                                                So we are well into the summer season ( summer weather debatable!) We have sessions at 3 of my favourite venues – Attington Stud, Chequers End Equestrian & Upper Farm Equestrian. Hopefully something for everyone 🙂

Thursday 12th November

Well we are well into the indoor clinic season. Have had such fun coming up with some new and exciting ideas this year. Last months pole dancing went down a storm so that will definitely be coming back onto the menu . Really enjoying the pole physio sessions –  great for horse and rider agility and have had a go with my first ever triple cross in the spread fence lesson!!

Next up to try inn January will be my jumpage sessions …oh and there will be indoor xc……….lots of fun things 🙂


Wednesday 16th September

Another summer has flown by and we’re fast approaching Autumn.

There are lots of clinics booked at Attington and Chequers Equestrian  – All indoors so you will be guaranteed a dry ride whatever the weather throws at us.

There’s a great variety of jumping and flatwork sessions not forgetting the ever popular music session – this time a first – ‘pole dancing’ and not as you know it!

Wednesday 18th March

Well its just starting to feel warmer and the various spring flowers are poking their heads above ground level.

There are lots of fun things coming up –  we now move outdoors at Attington for the jumping sessions and looking forwards to clinics at a new venue at Upper Farm Equestrian at Henton

Dont miss the Strictly come prancing at Chequers End on April 25th. A great opportunity to learn a group routine and put it to some fun music.

We’ve just had a marathon xc session at Rosehill and hoping to book a session or two at Gawcott in the very near future

Tuesday 11th November

Well its definitely Autumnal all be it pretty mild for this time of year but who knows what’s to come!  With this in mind I have booked lots of dates at indoor venues Attington, Chequers and Widmer so you will be guaranteed a dry ride!

I had better be checking the sloe gin bottle!

Tuesday July 8th

Well I’ve had a light month in June celebrating my 50th birthday by doing Wainwrights Coast to Coast walk from St Bees on the west coast of the Lakes to Robin Hood Bay on the east coast of the Yorkshire Moors. I loved every minute but returned home rather unsound so have taken a couple of weeks to recover!

Have got some new dates up with regular friday afternoon sessions at Attington, a Saturday morning at Chequers and XC at Wheatlands. Hoping to see you all soon

Monday 28th April

Well folks the xc course at Attington is now open. Its fab and is suitable for those jumping from 85cms upwards. Great water, ditches and banks amongst other things. I have flat and jumping clinics every friday afternoon at Attington and also have a flat sessions at Widmer and a jump at Chequers. I am hoping to book Wheatlands for xc on May 31st but waiting for conformation.

The last thursday of the month clear round and gallops at Attington went down a storm ( as did the chocolate muffins) so hope to see even more of you there on April 29th

Wednesday 9th April

Its been a busy couple of months,  mainly indoors , which we’ve been very glad of when its been tipping down. So pleased the rain has  now stopped which means we can now get out and about and try some different venues. Now just waiting for Attington to give the go ahead for us to use the new cross country course – Cant wait and I’ll let you all know as soon as its good to go!!

Sunday 26th January

Well the spooky fillers have arrived and they made their debut yesterday at the Spooky filler clinic at Attington. Just one duck trampled but he lives to see another day!!


Thursday 23rd January

Never have I been so relieved to have booked lots of indoor venues for the winter months. Although relatively warm it’s so wet everywhere and it seems that plenty of you are relishing the opportunity to come and ride where it is dry underfoot and overhead!

I have enjoyed a good start to 2014. I spent 2 days at the annual BHS F’s and I’s course at Addington and was lucky enough to have 2 days of lessons with Stephen Clarke on Sally Mansell’s lovely Andalucian Max. Very useful and inspiring. Whilst there I was also awarded the Pat Smallwood trophy at the AGM and dinner. I was nominated by a good number of my clients and it is given to someone they deem to have put ‘exceptional effort into the equestrian industry’ It was a complete surprise and a massive thankyou to all those who put me forwards – I now have a lovely Bronze horse head sat on my sideboard.

Receiving my trophy from Lynn Petersen CEO of the BHS pat smallwood award

I have lots of new dates organised for the end of January and February and I am very excited about my new delivery of spooky fillers which should be arriving tomorrow ready for the spooky filler jump clinic on Saturday. Looking forwards to seeing what the horses (and riders!) make of them. Looking further ahead to March I am hoping to get some cross country dates booked. Lets hope it dries up a bit fairly soon …………still you know what we’re like – we’ll soon be grumbling that the ground is too hard!

Thursday 5th December Winter is well and truly here. I have been blown from pillar to post today! It’s been a busy couple of months. With the colder and  more unpredictable weather all clinics have moved indoors. Its great to know that whatever the gods throw at us we can at least stay dry and reasonably warm. (Tho last feb we were chipping ice off of jump cups in the indoor at Attington!) We have been enjoying the facilities at Attington, Chequers End and Widmer and my introduction of complimentary hot drinks and sloe gin have been going down a storm. The ‘From Groundwork to Grand Prix’ courtesy of team Thurman Baker at Turville Valley Stud was really well received. The ground work in particular was good to see and gave everyone plenty to go home and think about and work on November saw my participation in the Subaru advert in H & H both in the magazine and in the video clip online. Hilarious – I dont think Hollywood will be  calling anytime soon and no I didnt get to keep the Subaru! Last week I heard that I am to be awarded the Pat Smallwood trophy , presented by the F’s and I’s Associaton to someone who has put ‘exceptional effort into the equestrian industry’. I was nominated by a number of my clients so a very big thankyou for that and to all of you who continue to support all my events. Have a very Happy Christmas and looking forwards to seeing you all in 2014

Wednesday 2nd October The nights are drawing in and the leaves are on the turn so we must be on the edge of Autumn.  August and September have flown by and I’ve been busy with all things equestrian and the odd thing canine! There’s been training sessions, flatwork and jumping at Chequers, Attington, Widmer and Snowball Farm. We nearly got blown away at the eventer challenge session at Quainton and went flying around the Cross country at Gawcott and Great Westwood Park. The riding to music at Chequers went down a storm. It really does add another dimension to riding and its so much fun. August Bank holiday monday saw the running of the SORC Inaugural Dog One Day Event . We had fab write ups in H & H and Chiltern and Thames Rider. It was so much fun – I cant remember laughing so much. We had amazing support from so many companies and individuals. A great big thankyou to all for making it possible. image (2) Looking ahead I now have dates booked for October and November. All venues are indoors so you can be confident of staying dry as the weather becomes less reliable.          For the autumn sessions I will be providing complimentary hot and cold drinks and biccies to all riders and supporters…………I have also sourced a supplier of best local sloe gin for those that fancy a tipple of dutch courage before leaving the ground! Do come to the Dressage and Groundwork Lecture Demonstration at Turville Valley Stud on Sunday November 3rd with team Thurman Baker. They’ve really been high profile this year with Samantha doing fantastically well with her own Pascal and Carl Hester and Arum Gregory’s Douglas IV. It will give you an insight and some ideas on how to produce a horse from starting out with lungeing and in hand work to the ridden work and ready for competition. diane in hand worksamantha at addington

Tuesday 23rd July Well another month gone by in a flash! The SORC Open Show was a great success helped along by the seasonally good weather which has continued all through the month of July. Lovely as it has been to soak up the rays it has made riding and ground conditions rather challenging. I went ahead with XC schooling at Lyneham Heath on the 14th and the ground was surprisingly good. Something to note if we have similar conditions again. Great Westwood Park however a couple of weeks later was a different matter and we had to postpone. (It is now rescheduled for the end of September) I am off to camp at Boomerang on thursday so really looking forwards to that. I suspect it will be pretty warm with the odd electrified downpoor but i am sure it will be fun. Looking forwards to learning the ‘Gangnam Style’ dance! I have been beavering away with more dates. – August and September events are now up. Come and join in the fun

Thursday 27th June Well June has certainly been a busy month. We had a great time XC schooling at Wheatlands Farm at the beginning of the month, than a trip to the enormous arena at Manor Farm with the Working Hunter fences, and last weekend we were amidst the gale force winds (jumps weighted down with sandbags!) at Quainton Stud practising over a  sj course. Along with these dates every friday  I have been at  Attington Stud. We are so lucky to have such good venues in this area. Naphilliers at Wheatlands Farm small     wheatlands narrow boat pic small XC schooling at Wheatlands Farm. Above left Naphilliers Sarah smith, Susie Bull and Eileen McAdam, Above right Sorcerers Jules Wickstead, Pennie Wickstead and Lotte Harris The month is nearly out but do support the SORC Open Show at  Henley Showground, Hambleden this Sunday, the 30th. The weather forecast is looking promising so it should be a great day out. For schedule and  more details visit Next month is no less busy. Alongside the regular friday evenings we have course jumping at Widmer Equestrian Centre and XC schooling at Lyneham Heath and Great Westwood Park. See Diary dates for more details.

Wednesday 29th May 2013 Well its pouing down outside so I’m taking the opportunity for an update! The last two weekends have been uncharacteristically warm and sunny for this country which has been fortunate as I have been busy with camps. Firstly at Milton Keynes for Naphill RC and last weekend at Moses Platt Farm for the inmates there. A great time had by all and it definitely makes a difference when the weather is favourable. There are some interesting video clips somewhere of me demonstrating left canter ( on foot!) as well as head butting a pole when my one of my riders went the wrong way round the course (for the fourth time!) 🙂 Its been a busy time for my BHS candidates. Congratulations to Jo Wood who had passed her Intermediate Teaching, Ida Meyer who has passed her Preliminary Teaching and Alison Pitcher who has passed her Stage 3 Theory. The BHS exams are recognised internationally and are worth all time and money invested in taking them. There’s lots coming up – Friday evening sessions at Attington, XC at Wheatlands Farm this weekend and much more. Keep an eye on the diary dates for more information – I am about to add some new dates and venues. Do support the Naphill RC Open Show on June 8th. The proceeds go a long way towards providing subsidised training and events for all members.- It will be a great day out

Sunday 12th May 2013 Well not only have I now got a website but I’m getting my head around how to use it! Thankyou to all my clients who have provided some wonderful testimonials. If you cant see yours yet do not fear, they will appear in due course. They are in my testimonial bank. I also have some fab client photos but keep sending them in – Action or still, serious or amusing , all gratefully received. You will see on my diary dates that I have a comprehensive list of events organised. I have tried to pick venues that I think will give folks a good and fun experience so really looking forwards to sharing them with you. If the dates dont suit or you have an idea for a different venue then please do contact me with your ideas. I am very happy to work with individuals or friends sharing if you would like to organise something for yourselves. Looking forwards to seeing you all over the coming months 🙂

Monday, 25th March 2013 I’ve got a website – yipee! I am so excited; it’s been a long time in the making but I think it’s worth it :-). I hope you’ll take the time to have a browse and see what’s what. The most important bit is the diary, which lets you see at a glance what’s happening and the training sessions that I’m running in the coming weeks and months. There’s everything from flatwork to cross country and I’m hoping that, in time, there will be social trips and equestrian outings too. There’s also a client’s gallery… currently a bit blank, so please send me your pictures – the funny and the inspirational please. Lots of you have sent me lovely testimonials for the website. Thank you very much. They’re not all on yet but they will be in time. All feedback is very welcome and you can leave your messages here. More soon…