BHS Exam Preparation

“The BHS offers the most widely acknowledged and respected qualifications in the world offering a progressive route from beginner to world class standard”
The British Horse Society

Typically, training for BHS exams takes place in larger equestrian centres and colleges but, in my experience, it is perfectly achievable for individuals who have acquired their equestrian experience ‘on the hoof’ at home and out and about in the big wide horsey world. How far you proceed will depend on your depth of experience, ability and aspirations but there are exams to suit all levels.

Clearly it’s important to have the knowledge to pass the exam but you also need the confidence and communication skills to get that knowledge across.

I have been training students for 25 years and have a good understanding of what is required. I provide relevant notes and learning material, advice on the format of each individual exam and ultimately, how to pass it.

We will work through the theory, check practical procedures and ensure you will be confident when in discussion with the BHS examiners.

The vast majority of my clients sail through the process, so if you’re thinking of giving it a go you’ll be following in the steps of a host of successful clients.

I am happy to support students up to and including the BHS Intermediate Horse instructors Exam.

Please be aware that you will need to become a Gold member of the BHS if you wish to take the exams.

Congratulatilons to the following who have achieved their BHS exams so far this year.

Jo Wood BHSIT, Morvyn Armour BHS PTT, Ida Meyer BHSPTT, Alison Pitcher BHS Stage 3 Care, Hannah Waters BHS Stage 2, Tilley Ann Powell BHS Stage 2