My clients are as diverse in their aspirations as they are in their age and riding ability.
Everyone is unique and that’s just one of the reasons that I love my job as much as I do.

I am writing this, still on a post-excellent-schooling-high, so apologies in advance if it is gushy! What a fabulous place! There were four of us in our training session, all with the same aims (to get from one side of a jump to the other) but with a variety of horses and experience. Wheatlands really caters for this. Each type of jump has four options but the fantastic thing is that the theme of the fence doesn’t change even at the tweeny weeny size (45cm). This I haven’t really seen elsewhere, with more complex-style fences only usually available at the bigger heights.

wheatlands train

The lesson itself was brilliant fun with Susie pushing us confidently and I know both Dakota and I were significantly improved by the end. More importantly we were all smiling and laughing throughout (mainly at how impressed Archie was with himself every time he went over a jump!)     I would highly recommend this training to anyone!

Lotte Harris (and Dakota)


“Susie has the knack of making me feel that I ‘can do’ rather than ‘can’t do’ which is very important as far as I am concerned!  She is a great confidence builder, understands how far to push without going too far out of comfort zone, whilst making the sessions fun and fulfilling aims in the process.  Thank you Susie!”
A. Reilly

“I love my jumping lessons with Susie. It doesn’t matter how small the school, or how few jumps there are (or how rotten they are!), she always manages to provide variety. She’s great at building confidence – you always know that if she tells you to jump a jump, you are capable of jumping it! She wouldn’t tell you to if she didn’t think you were capable. She’s always good fun too :-)”
S. Richards

“Susie has been teaching me for the last 10 years and I have loved every single lesson, She’s taught me how get the best out of my two completely different horses and improved my confidence and skill enormously. I trust her to know when to push us and when we have done enough. She’s always been willing to listen, praises me readily when I get it right and helps me think through problems. And, no matter what I have done, (and there have been some mad moments!) she has never made me feel a fool.”
J. Clark with Eddie & Solo.

“Susie has been a great help in developing my riding on two very different horses. Firstly improving the schooling of a horse I had owned for 10 years where we had both developed some bad habits and more recently with a new horse to start her schooling & jumping education. Susie assesses the horse and rider and draws on her experience to help achieve improvement. I have found her instruction motivating, clear to understand and with both horses effective in improving their way of going and ultimately their performance at competitions. I have always found Susie approachable and able to explain the what, how and why of riding. She is always keen to know how we got on when we head out to a competition so I know she takes a real interest in our training. My horse wouldn’t be working as well without being set on the right path by Susie’s teaching.”
J. Turner

“I have lived, ridden and worked with horses in the South Oxfordshire area for about 20 years and met Susie very early on.  In all that time I have seen her compete and teach at all levels and have never ceased to be impressed by how calm, objective and understanding she is.  Recently after I suffered a series of accidents and developed a serious lack of confidence, Susie has helped me to get back to enjoying my riding in all spheres.  She has given me masses of confidence and after 15 years of not jumping she has encouraged me so much I am now, not just show jumping, but enjoying jumping cross country as well. Above and beyond everything else not only does Susie boost confidence, she also makes it tremendous fun employing a great sense of humour.”
C. Thomas

“I wish all instructors were like Susie P; knowledgeable, funny, generous in her praise and seemingly completely unflappable… and believe you me, some of my antics would have sent many straight from the manege to the nearest bar! I began riding in my thirties and was lucky enough to meet Susie fairly early on. From nursing me over the teeniest of cross poles to tackling cross country, she has never been anything less than brilliant. I always feel safe and perhaps most importantly of all, she always has the interest of the horse at the forefront of her teaching. Susie will also school my horse when I’m away or not able to ride and when she does I am confident in the knowledge that she is as sympathetic and patient in the saddle as she is out of it!”
S. McCleery

“Solar is a 16 hand Oldenburg who has competed at medium level dressage with his previous owner.  My dream is to do elementary. He is the kindest nicest horse I have had the privilege of owning but like all horses he only goes well if you ride him correctly which i can now do thanks to Susie. I was a person that lacked confidence and self belief in my riding until Susie started to help me. Her lessons are fab she has a wonderful way of making you relax, have fun but at the same time challenge you to push yourself to improve. My dream is starting to happen, Susie your simply the best.”
Michelle Kempster